“Experiences and emotions have always been an integral part of human life and the driving force of one of the biggest industries - entertainment.“Robert Praxmarer, Scientific Head CADET Salzburg


Winner of the Erhard Busek Award

Keyresearcher Robert Praxmarer and his team were honored with the Erhard Busek Award. The concept “GehSchichten”, an interactive tracking telepresence installation between two cities was honored and supported with 3000 Euro to be realized.

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CADET is a collaboration between two departments of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (MultiMediaTechnology and MultiMediaArt), and the Ars Electronica Futurelab.

The two teams in Salzburg and Linz jointly develop frameworks and applications for advertising and event companies with the focus on entertainment, media industry, computer games and the creative industries, respectively.

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Center for Advances in Digital Entertainment Technologies

How do human bodies become avatars in virtual worlds? How can artificial intelligence breathe natural behavior and empathy through the use of 3D characters? Which technologies will allow the entertainment industry to create even more vivid impressions and deep feelings, providing more realistic situations to bring together the real and digital world?

These issues are addressed in the research fields of CADET: “Mixed Reality,” “Full Body Interaction and Representation,” “Affective Computing” and “Technologies for Immersive Experiences.”

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